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About The Research Team

Sujith Kumar, PhD candidate

Sujith’s academic interests lie in social and personal identity, young people and marginality. His academic background is in communications, human rights, identity, gender and sexuality, which he has applied in the community services and education fields in Singapore, USA and Australia. In his spare time, Sujith enjoys exploring Sydney’s many neighbourhoods, cafes and festivals. He lives in Western Sydney.

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Emeritus Professor Peter Aggleton, Supervisor

Peter Aggleton is a sociologist and educationalist with a background in policy studies, international development, psychology and health. He has worked with national and international agencies for over twenty-five years to strengthen responses to HIV and sexual health. 

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Associate Professor Joanne Bryant, Co-supervisor

Joanne Bryant is a sociologist who has led a range of impactful research projects focusing on young people’s alcohol and drug use and sexual health, concentrating specifically on populations of vulnerable young people including street-involved youth and Indigenous youth. 

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